“Let me take care of you”

The day came when Katniss told me she was ready for it. She wanted it too. A Child. I was so happy, had already given up on the idea. Never thought she’d change her mind about that, but she did. She stopped with taking birth control pills, provided by the Capitol, and…


Anonymous asked:

The rain scene is when the bombs get dropped on 13 and when prim isn't there she goes to find her above ground where prim is getting her cat and that's why katniss's hair is wet after that in the trailer x

youarebeingridiculous answered:

God damn it Prim, your sister went through two hunger games to save you and you rush outside during a bombing for your fucking cat?



Katniss still gonna cook the cat. Sorry it is Prim the one got cooked in the end. Sorry, don’t kill me, my bad! *Moon walking away from the danger*